Which of the following are common tasks that could be included in a maintenance plan?

Creating workflows through a variety of typical maintenance tasks. You can also create your own custom Transact-SQL scripts. The Maintenance Plan Wizard also creates major maintenance plans, but creating plans manually gives you much more flexibility. To use the wizard to create the maintenance plan in Enterprise Manager, select the Tools menu option and go to the Database Maintenance Scheduler option.

On the Home tab, in the Configuration group, choose Site Maintenance, and then choose the maintenance task that you want to configure. For efficient maintenance of your assets, you must demonstrate the skill set needed for each maintenance task. Routine maintenance is a simple and easy to implement method to improve overall maintenance. For a complete list of maintenance tasks by site type, see Reference for Configuration Manager Maintenance Tasks.

The idea of having a maintenance plan is to make the most of preventive maintenance while reducing downtime. Without a section that lists the spare parts needed for maintenance tasks, you will have difficulty budgeting your maintenance program. The contents of the maintenance plan, including actual work, instructions, schedule, workers, spare parts and contractors, guide all maintenance work activities. To achieve the preventive maintenance control system, in a large multi-plant environment, technical specialists prepare manuals that list the specific maintenance tasks for each element of equipment in the operating plants.

Perform SQL Server database maintenance on the site database according to your SQL maintenance plan. Review the maintenance plan to verify that scheduled maintenance tasks are properly and efficiently scheduled based on the configured site configuration. You can continue to edit maintenance tasks by selecting Site Maintenance in the Configuration group, as you did in previous versions of Configuration Manager. Therefore, routine maintenance can be performed by personnel outside the maintenance department, such as machine operators.

Maintenance tasks indicate what action or set of actions a maintenance technician must perform to complete a work order.